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Two Anti-Jewish Agitators Arrested at Pro-Israel Rally

In a recent string of events, the Metropolitan Police arrested a man and a woman for racially-aggravated public order offences at a pro-Israeli protest outside the New Scotland Yard.

The individuals were caught hurling antisemitic abuse at peaceful protesters.

Metropolitan Police leadership has released the following statement confirming the arrests:

This demonstration aimed to decry the perceived lack of action against Islamists and Hamas sympathisers during last Saturday’s anti-Israel rally in London, where several Jewish Londoners were reportedly targeted.

The police, however, defended the protesters, deeming the chanting of ‘Jihad’ permissible.

These arrests spotlight a growing concern among many over the efficacy and impartiality of law enforcement in addressing hate-fuelled incidents amidst a polarised political climate.

You can watch the full report from the rally here:

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