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SNP MP Defects To Tories Amid Bullying Saga

In a surprising turn of events, Dr Lisa Cameron MP has bid adieu to the Scottish National Party (SNP) and joined the Conservative ranks, citing a bullying culture within her former party.

Cameron’s harrowing experience in the “toxic and bullying SNP Westminster group” necessitated a 12-month counselling stint, significantly impairing her health.

Dr Cameron appreciates Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s empathetic approach, contrasting it with the SNP’s indifferent leadership, especially during her challenging times.

“I am particularly grateful to the Prime Minister… It is the first time I have felt heard,” she expressed.

Sunak welcomed Cameron warmly, lauding her as a “brave and committed constituency MP” and nodding to her keen focus on disability issues.

He sees her move as indicative of the Tories being the go-to party for those desiring a “brighter future for the whole of the UK.”

Cameron’s departure, catalysed by the SNP’s handling of an abuse case last year, reflects a deeper malaise within the SNP and is a big win for the Tories in Scotland.

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