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Sadiq Khan Mocked For Fighting His Own Policy

In a turn of events that can only be described as political theatre, London Mayor Sadiq Khan proudly announced he’s “saved” the Day Travelcard for London commuters.

Here’s the twist: Khan himself was the one who planned to scrap it.

It’s akin to setting a fire only to put it out and call yourself a firefighter.

Mayor of London said, “Delighted to announce we’ve managed to save the Day Travelcard. This saves a much-valued ticket option for visitors to London, while giving TfL a fairer share of ticket revenue.”

Critics argue that the initial move was a smokescreen to justify price hikes in public transport.

Minister for London Paul Scully MP said, “Good news that the man who announced he was scrapping the Day Travelcard has led a campaign against himself and saved the Day Travelcard from being scrapped. Tomorrow, ULEZ expansion”.

By ‘saving’ the daily travel card, Khan appears as the saviour of a problem he created, battling an enemy of his own making. Is this leadership or mere illusion?

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