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Netanyahu Vows ‘Hamas Will Be Destroyed’

Amid escalating tensions following the recent Hamas attack, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a joint news conference with French President Emmanuel Macron, issued a stern warning to both Hamas and Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah.

Referring to the October 7 attack as the most severe since 9/11, Netanyahu drew grave comparisons to the horrors of the past.

The Prime Minister also added, “when this is over, the people of Israel will rebuild their communities, and the people of Gaza will no longer live under Hamas tyranny.”

Now, with fears growing over Hezbollah’s potential involvement escalating the conflict, Netanyahu warns of a ‘long war’ and promises ‘unimaginable devastation’ against Hezbollah should they significantly engage in this war, stressing that the group will “suffer horrible consequences,” thereby hinting at a looming larger Middle East confrontation.

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