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Met Police Criticised Over “Jihad” Chant Assessment

During yesterday’s anti-Israel demonstration in Central London, a group of protesters chanted “Jihad” as a solution for liberating Palestine.

The Metropolitan Police, upon reviewing video footage, found no offences and claimed they will approach the individual leading the chants to prevent similar incidents.

In their tweet, justifying their decision, the Met said, “The word jihad has a number of meanings but we know the public will most commonly associate it with terrorism. We have specialist counter terrorism officers here in the operations room who have particular knowledge in this area.”

The police’s interpretation faced heavy criticism, notably when a Twitter/X community note highlighted a contradiction with their own “What is hate crime?” document, which categorises calls for violence as incitement to hatred.

Commentator Douglas Murray sarcastically tweeted against the Met Police’s assessment by saying, “

Yes, oh Imam of the Met Police, those guys definitely looked like they were calling for an intense inner spiritual struggle. Got it in one. #Jihad”

This incident opened a broader discussion on the interpretation of hate speech and the enforcement of related laws, especially in a politically charged atmosphere. Critics argue that such a stance from the Met could potentially undermine policing and national security.

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