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ITV Faces Backlash For Hosting Terrorist Sympathising Islamist

ITV News is under scrutiny following an interview with Islamist reporter Latifa Abouchakra, who termed Hamas attacks on Israel a “homecoming” from “the resistance factions”, and Israel as the “Zionist entity”.

Abouchakra, who has now been exposed as a reporter for the banned Iranian channel Press TV, criticised media and politicians for labelling the Hamas side as terrorists.

Her comments have sparked outrage, leading the Board of Deputies of British Jews to demand a public apology from ITV.

Marie Van der Zyl, the Board’s president, described the invitation to Abouchakra as an “egregiously incompetent decision” insulting to both British Jews and Muslims.

ITV confirmed an investigation into concerns surrounding the contributor.

Meanwhile, Abouchakra’s affiliations and past remarks continue to stir heated discussions, reflecting the broader dialogue on media responsibility and representation in addressing complex geopolitical issues.

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