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Israeli Ex PM Slams Sky News Over Bias

In a heated exchange on Sky News, former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett accused the presenter of displaying bias when repeatedly questioned about the state of Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

The dialogue escalated when the presenter mentioned civilians on life support due to power cuts allegedly caused by Israeli actions.

Bennett retorted emphatically, likening the scenario to fighting Nazis and clarifying that Israel does not target civilians.

He stressed that providing resources like electricity or water to enemies during conflict isn’t Israel’s responsibility.

The interview took a tense turn as voices were raised and both the presenter and Bennett fought to get their points across.

Bennett drew a comparison between World War II, when the UK targeted Dresden while under Nazi attack, and the current situation where Israel is targeting Hamas to protect its own citizens.

The presenter, attempting to delve into the humanitarian aspect, was met with staunch responses from Bennett who reiterated that Israel’s fight is against Hamas, not the Palestinian civilians.

This exchange underscored the deep complexities and emotional charge surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, illustrating the challenge in finding a middle ground even in discussions aimed at shedding light on the ongoing issues.

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