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Israel Could BAN The Biased BBC

Israel’s President Isaac Herzog has slammed the BBC for referring to Hamas as “militants” instead of “terrorists.”

He finds this choice of words “atrocious”, especially given the over 1,400 Israeli casualties since Hamas’ attacks commenced on October 7.

Herzog mentioned a potential legal and public confrontation if the BBC continues this narrative.

He also pointed out the inconsistency in BBC’s terminology, highlighting how it labeled other violent incidents like the London Bridge and Westminster attacks as acts of terror.

Israeli officials echoed Herzog’s sentiments, warning of taking actions against broadcasters who “cross the line” as per their laws.

Earlier this week, Israel Defence Forces accused the BBC of bias, especially after an explosion at a Gaza hospital. While Israel attributes this to a failed Palestinian rocket launch, Hamas blames Israel for the blast, further stirring the controversy surrounding the broadcaster’s impartiality.

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