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Hamilton’s Diversity Jab At F1 Owners Raises Eyebrows

In a recent outpour, Formula 1’s Lewis Hamilton criticises the sport’s ownership for being ‘too white’, calling for greater diversity within its high ranks.

However, his remarks have attracted a share of criticism, with many questioning the timing and the nature of these comments.

Hamilton, despite being a high-earning athlete in a global sport, appears to be igniting divisive discourse rather than fostering unity in a sport known for its international camaraderie.

Critics argue that Formula 1, with its vast global audience and a plethora of nationalities represented on the grid, has been a frontrunner in promoting international harmony.

Some also point out that Hamilton’s comments come at a time when the sport is actively working towards inclusivity with initiatives like the “We Race As One” campaign.

Moreover, questioning the ethnicity of the sport’s ownership seems to detract from the larger conversation around fostering a more inclusive environment for all participants, regardless of their background.

Hamilton’s focus on ownership ethnicity, some argue, risks overshadowing the genuine efforts being made to promote diversity and inclusivity within the sport.

His comments have thus stirred a debate that seems to veer away from constructive discussions aimed at pushing the boundaries of inclusivity in Formula 1.

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