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Brussels Terrorist Attack: What We Know So Far

Brussels has been plunged into a state of heightened alert following a horrifying terrorist attack by a self-proclaimed ISIS member, who fatally shot two Swedish nationals attending the Belgium-Sweden football match.

The terrorist, Abdesalem Lassoued, has been shot dead in a café by the police.

Lassoued was an illegal migrant from Tunisia.

The incident occurred approximately 3 miles away from the stadium, triggering panic and leading to the cancellation of the match midway.

Officials were naturally alarmed for the safety of 35,000 spectators present, fearing the possibility of a larger-scale attack reminiscent of past terror episodes in Europe targeting sports venues.

Despite the vicinity of the assault, no incidents were reported at the stadium.

However, the capital has now escalated to the highest terror alert, with anti-terror centre spokeswoman, Laura Demullier, urging the population to exercise vigilant caution and minimise any unnecessary travel.

As the frantic search for the perpetrator continues, the terror threat looms large over Brussels, casting a shadow of fear and uncertainty over the city.

This incident serves as a brutal reminder of the pervasive threat of terror that continues to challenge global peace and security.

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