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UK Baby Names 2023: Muhammed and Lily Lead

In 2023, Babycentre’s UK baby name rankings revealed Muhammed maintaining its top position for boys, while Lily surpassed Sophia as the favourite for girls. The boys’ names largely mirrored 2022 trends, with Noah, Theo, Leo, and Oliver following. Arthur’s rise to sixth spot was notable. Freddy, George, and Luca rounded out the top ten. For […]

🚨 BREAKING: Mark Drakeford Resigns

Mark Drakeford has announced his immediate resignation as the Welsh Labour leader, marking the end of his five-year tenure. Having succeeded Carwyn Jones in 2018, Drakeford’s departure initiates a leadership contest for the next First Minister of Wales. Although stepping down as the party leader, Drakeford will continue serving as the First Minister until his […]

Gary Lineker Breaks BBC Guidelines According To New BBC Chairman

Recent tensions escalate at the BBC as incoming chairman Samir Shah addresses concerns over Gary Lineker’s tweets, potentially breaching the broadcaster’s new impartiality guidelines. Lineker’s participation in a letter opposing the Government’s Rwanda scheme has drawn criticism, with Tory MP Jonathan Gullis accusing him of guideline violations. Shah suggests Lineker’s specific remarks towards politicians might […]

Hamas Leaders Deported From Qatar

In a surprising turn of events, several key figures from Hamas have mysteriously departed Qatar, following the Qatari government’s demand to leave the country. Sources from Doha, reported by KAN’s Arabic language channel, indicate that these leaders have gone off the grid, shutting down their phones and cutting off all communication. Additionally, a leading Hamas […]

Inside Downing Street’s Breakfast Meeting With Tory Rebels

Rishi Sunak’s breakfast meeting, this morning, with Tory backbenchers at No 10 exposed more tensions and challenges within the Conservative parliamentary party. Danny Kruger initiated the dialogue, presenting Sunak with three stark choices regarding the Rwanda bill. Sunak expressed willingness to consider amendments but refused to withdraw the bill, citing inherited issues like legal migration […]

David Cameron Threatens Humza Yousaf

UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron has warned of reduced co-operation with Scottish ministers following Humza Yousaf’s meeting with Turkish President Erdogan at COP28 without a UK official. Cameron described this as a breach of protocol, escalating tensions between Scotland and the UK government. The Scottish Government insisted a UK official was invited but unavailable at […]

UK To Accept Rwanda’s Migrants As Part Of New Deal

The UK government has confirmed a new aspect of its Rwanda treaty, agreeing to resettle some of Rwanda’s most vulnerable refugees. This move, outlined in the treaty’s “Other Agreements” section, demonstrates a mutual commitment to enhancing international protection for refugees. However, the agreement does not specify the number of refugees to be resettled. Additionally, Rwanda […]

UK Government Advises Stocking Up On Candles For Emergencies

Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden emphasises the importance of being prepared for digital disruptions in emergencies. He suggests households keep candles, battery-powered radios, and other non-digital tools handy. This advice comes amidst growing concerns over digital dependency and potential threats like cyber attacks and power outages. An official ‘resilience website’ is set to launch next […]

Tories Looking At Cancelling Party Conference

The Conservative Party faces a dilemma over its autumn conference, with insiders revealing plans to potentially scrap the event. Concerns are mounting that the conference, scheduled for October in Birmingham, may clash with election campaigning and dilute the party’s focus. Alternatives like a shortened event or a spring reschedule are on the table. The financial […]

New UK Rules Protect Schools And Kids Against Trans Lobby Extremism

The UK government is set to release new guidance for schools on managing children’s gender identity changes. While allowing social transitioning with parental consent, it will not compel teachers to use chosen pronouns, citing “good faith” objections. The guidelines emphasise adherence to the Equality Act, protecting separate facilities based on biological sex, and requiring contact […]

UK Net Migration Hits 672,000

The UK’s net migration has reached 672,000 in the year to June 2023, according to the ONS. This is up from 607,000 for the previous year. Britain’s borderless crisis is intensifying pressures on the Prime Minister. Despite efforts to curb numbers, including tighter student visa rules, migration continues to climb. The Tories’ Rwanda asylum policy, […]