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BREAKING: Anti-Israel Tube Driver Who Led Political Chant Is Suspended

A London Underground driver has been suspended following an incident where he was caught leading a political chant of “free, free Palestine” over the train’s speaker system.

This occurred during the pro-Palestinian demonstration on Saturday in London, drawing around 100,000 protesters.

Glynn Barton, TfL’s chief operating officer said: “We have been urgently and thoroughly investigating the footage appearing to show a Tube driver misusing the PA system and leading chants on a Central Line train on Saturday. A driver has now been identified and suspended whilst we continue to fully investigate the incident in line with our policies and procedures.”

The chant was initiated by the driver on a Central Line service, with some passengers joining in.

The footage of the event was shared online, sparking a mixed reaction from the public. London minister Paul Scully MP criticised the driver’s actions, urging Tube staff to remain professional and “focus on the day job” to prevent escalating tensions in the capital.

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